Mentoring Program

Coordinator: Jon Larson Members:

Our Section is promoting a mentoring program that has a twofold purpose. First, it is an opportunity for the Section to increase the participation of younger members and students in Section activities. Second, the program gives younger transportation professionals an opportunity for personal growth and career development.

Mentoring is defined as an activity within which one offers knowledge, insight, perspective, or wisdom that is helpful to another person to encourage professional, mental, and emotional growth. One-on-one mentoring is a partnership of equals, both sharing the responsibility for communication, growth, feedback and follow-through. Our short term goal is to engage the UCD Student Chapter of ITE in the mentoring program, and then expand to include junior professionals.

The program establishes one-on-one mentoring relationships between mentors (experienced transportation professionals) and protégés (student members and younger professional members) with the relaxed goal of regularly meeting (e.g. monthly) to discuss the protégé’s professional and career development. These informal relationships will enable both individuals to build new skills; prepare for advancement and other growth opportunities; build self-esteem and self-confidence; and, in so doing, contribute to the fulfillment of personal professional development and goals.

Our Section’s mentoring program already has a few Section members volunteering as mentors. A rewarding opportunity for more senior transportation professionals – volunteering as a mentor – awaits. The Section is looking for more volunteers to be mentors to make this a sustainable effort. There are no set requirements that define the role of mentor as each member’s personal professional experience has been unique. It will all be valuable to the protégés.

If you are interested in either volunteering as a mentor or participating as a protégé, please contact the Mentoring Coordinator.