Modern Data Collection & Analysis: Mitigation for Safer & Less Congested Roads Seminar

Transportation infrastructure funding issues have gained more visibility outside our industry more than ever due to the current technological revolution.  Leveraging open source software and modern data collection and analysis techniques are expected to significantly improve our focus on mitigation of incidents and congestion for improved safety.  Much work is being done to shine the spotlight on Mobility as a Service while Software as a Service and interoperability between systems software and hardware is becoming a new industry “best practice”.  Collaboration between emergency responders and transportation engineers is proving fruitful especially when data is collected and analyzed to make decisions more strategically.


Session 1: Lieutenant Washburn of the Douglas County Sheriff will discuss dashboards their data analytics team have developed using modern data science methods.  Their deployment of officers based on crime and crash analysis and using data visualizations and hot spot maps has improved their success tremendously.  The primary objective of the first part of this seminar will be to learn about successful collaboration between emergency responders and transportation data professionals to mitigate safety and congestion issues within our right-of-way, and incident management in general.


Session 2: We are soliciting speakers for a roundtable discussion as part of the second portion of this seminar.  Please submit your presentation materials for consideration by the CO/WY ITE Executive Committee.  All content will be reviewed and selection will consider the relevance to infrastructure improvements and to the betterment of transportation engineering practice.  Our goal is for everyone to come with an open mind to discuss how we’ll blend successful methods of the past and present, and engage in constructive dialogue about our role in transforming networks for the benefit of our communities.


It is also our goal to issue some professional development hours (PDH’s) including for renewal of P.E. and PTOE licenses.  Selection of content should be guided by the State of Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies and the Transportation Professional Certification Board license renewal requirements, and priority will be given to those who have submissions most relevant to this criteria.


Lunch will be provided and all organizations are encouraged to bring solutions to share as time allows during breaks and in roundtable discussions.  We will plan to accommodate a variety of dietary needs though please notify us of any important restrictions you have so we may plan the meal accordingly.